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Sid acquires Our Place

By Michael Butler

Corrie Sid, owner of Grove Station in Tallassee, has purchased Our Place in Wetumpka.

"I didn't even think Grove Station would be a restaurant. I would never have even used that word," said Sid. "It's so funny. Before I opened Grove Station, I went to see Mona and David Funderburk at Our Place."

The Funderburks ran the Colonial Room adjacent to the Hotel Talisi in its heyday. It is a stone's throw from the corner where Grove Station opened almost three years ago in the downtown district. That introduction to the restaurant business in Tallassee led the Funderburks to Wetumpka to open Our Place, which has been in operation for 24 years.

"They are Tallassee natives," Sid added. "Mona Sue was my third grade teacher. She was best friends with my aunt Susan. So, I've known them for a long time."

Sid noted that she has been visited by Wetumpka Mayor Jerry Willis, another Tallassee native, in regards to branching out.


"I've been looking at buildings and talking to building owners. I've seen about four or five properties over there."

Sid consulted another restaurant owner, Noah Griggs of 1220 Café in Tallassee.

"I trust Noah. He is my mentor. He (mentioned) Our Place."

Griggs has opened restaurants in multiple locations outside of Tallassee as well, including The Wharf in Wetumpka.

"I think people misunderstand what it means to be in the restaurant business," Sid said. "You need all the help you can get. No one knows what you need better than another restaurant owner."

Sid stated that she would keep the staples on the Our Place menu but have some twists.

One of the dining experiences held during the holidays at Grove Station

"We're not changing the menu. We're tweaking individual items to give you choices. My mother is infatuated with crab claws, but she only loves them sautéd. And they offer them only fried. I don't think there's a reason to only do it one way. If you have crab claws in house, you can sauté or fry them. If you have shrimp in house, you can grill it or fry it. Those are the little changes immediately. Then we'll start introducing specials.

"Our Place is established. That's one of the reasons for buying it. It's a cult following. People that have been going there have been going for generations. I don't want to mess with what's been an amazingly successful restaurant. I want to carry that torch for David and Mona. I want it to be different than Tallassee, so there is a reason for Wetumpka people to still come to Tallassee and Tallassee people to go to Wetumpka."

Sid opens the restaurant as the new owner for dinner on Tuesday, June 11.