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Preparing the Barbeque

CDC gives back

By Michael Butler

Think about $500,000 in sales. Can you comprehend over $300,000 in profit? The figures are not from a business per se. It is from the Community Development Corporation.

The CDC as it is known has raised substantial dollars for a variety of causes since its inception.

"Dale Segrest is the founder," CDC vice president Brad Davis said. "This was to be a vehicle for the community to get things done. It's a tax-free opportunity for people to give money to different organizations."

A majority of the money has been brought in through barbeque sales.

"You hear about somebody selling barbeque and give your 35 bucks. You look over six or seven years and it's half a million dollars," Davis added. "How often do you hear we can't get money. Yes you can."

Davis participated in barbeque fundraisers with local softball teams that sold more than $14,000 in one weekend.

"It just takes effort. Other organizations have done the same thing."

Laura Leigh Peters is president of the CDC.

"Keep in mind that we buy all of our products locally to support the local businesses. That is invested back in the community," she said. "The things we do; Tallassee Now! and the Policemen's Ball are extremely successful."

The Policemen's Ball earlier this year was a $50,000 fundraiser. The next event will be a CDC Tailgate on Nov. 3 and 4 in East Tallassee across from the Senior Center.

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