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Census Record for 1920-40 for areas of Elmore County

Population breakdown

By Michael Butler

Population-wise, the city of Tallassee has had little change over the past 70 years. Much of the growth in the area has come outside of the city limits.

According to census data, the city's numbers have not varied by more than five percent with the previous three census counts. Only once since 1970 has the change been greater than five percent. That was when the 1990 census showed Tallassee with a population of 5,112, up 7.3 percent from 4,763 a decade earlier.

Wikipedia posts that the city's greatest change came from 1940-1950 when the population grew from 1,011 to 4,225 (317.9%). Those numbers may not be indicative of real numbers as shown in historical documents from during that time.

The U.S. Census in its minor civil divisions declaration showed Tallassee with 5,455 inhabitants in 1940. It had a population of 5,553 in 1930.

Though Tallassee has remained steady, neighboring cities have not. Tallassee was the largest city in Elmore County in 1970 with a population of 4,809. Wetumpka was second at 3,912. Millbrook had a population of 2,382.

Millbrook is now the largest city in the county with a population of 16,564. Wetumpka is second with 7,220. Tallassee is third with 4,763.

The breakdown of residents in Tallassee is approximately 2-to-1 for those in Elmore County to Tallapoosa County. The city has 3,118 living in Elmore County and 1,645 in Tallapoosa.

Millbrook now ranks No. 40 in the state in total population. Wetumpka is No. 91. Tallassee is No. 115 according a list compiled by Alabama Demographics.

Millbrook has a land mass of 12.81 square miles and a population density of 1,293 persons per square mile. Wetumpka has 10.11 square miles in its city limits. Its population density is 714 per square mile. Tallassee's city limits make up 9.67 square miles with 492 persons per square mile.

"Treasure on the Tallapoosa"
Photo by Kyle Thornton

Tallassee Demographics

Populations for Nearby Towns/Cities

Montgomery: 200,603
Auburn: 76,143
Prattville: 37,781
Millbrook: 16,564
Alexander City: 14,843
Pike Road: 9,439
Tuskegee: 9,395
Wetumpka: 7,220
Dadeville: 3,084
Deatsville: 1,679
Elmore: 1,280
Eclectic: 1,193
Notasulga: 914

Tallassee Population by Decade

1910 1,347
1920 2,034 51.0%
1930 843 −58.6%
1940 1,011 19.9%
1950 4,225 317.9%
1960 4,934 16.8%
1970 4,809 −2.5%
1980 4,763 −1.0%
1990 5,112 7.3%
2000 4,934 −3.5%
2010 4,819 −2.3%
2020 4,763 −1.1%