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Section on back side roof where lighting struck

Lightning sparks fire at local bank

By Michael Butler

The thunderstorms that struck on Thursday night did damage in the Tallassee area. The Tallassee Fire Department believes most of the incidents were lightning related.

Among the calls for service included a fire at CB&S Bank in East Tallassee. The call came in at 9:05 p.m.

"When we got there it looked worse than it was because of smoke," Captain Travis Jones said. "It turned out to be an exterior fire."

Jones noted that the branch location used to have a flat roof and added an elevated roof in recent years.

"That's what ignited," he said. "It was on fire when we got there. There was some damage but no real serious damage."

The TFD noted in a Facebook post, "Some of us believe that the fault line under the bridge causes storms to go north or south of the center of town. (Thursday's) storms still keep that theory true."