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Census responses needed

By Michael Butler

Tallassee mayor Johnny Hammock is encouraging citizens to complete census surveys.

"If you've not done your census, since everybody is at home this is a great time to do it," Hammock said. "Tallassee is only reporting at 44.1 percent which is terrible. I did mine online."

Tallassee's population was 4,819 in 2010.

"66 percent reported in 2010," Hammock noted. "If 100 percent reported, our population is probably closer to 8,000."

Tallassee's popluation has been primarily stagnant for five decades not wavering more than 10 percent since 1970.

The 2000 census listed the city with 4,934 residents.

The U.S. Census Bureau estimated Tallassee's population in 2018 at 4,581. Tallassee is the third largest municipality in Elmore County.

"In 2010, they said the state of Alabama was with only 57 percent reporting," Hammock added.

The state population was estimated to be 4,903,185 in 2019.

The online and mailing system now trumps census workers knocking on doors due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"I'm not an expert," said Hammock, "but we need to do our part to get online, mail it in or call it in - whatever you can do. You received something in the mail that it's required by law. I'm afraid some people just threw it in the garbage can. You really need to do this."

Millbrook, Elmore County's most populous city, had the largest growth rate from 2000-'10. The city's population was 14,640 - up 41 percent from 2000. Wetumpka's was second in population size at 6,528 in 2010 - up 22.6 %.

The highest popuation on record for Tallassee was 5,112 in 1990. It was in 1990 that Millbrook surpassed Tallassee and Wetumpka in population. According to census records, Tallassee was Elmore County's largest municipality from the time of its incorportation in 1908 until 1980.

In Tallapoosa County, Alexander City has been the largest city since the 1930 census when it exceeded Tallassee's numbers. Alex City's population dropped .9 percent in 2010 to 14,875. Tallassee is the second largest city in Tallapoosa County, ahead of Dadeville (3,230).

Elmore County continues to be one of Alabama's fastest growing counties. The U.S. Census Bureau and the University of Alabama Center for Business and Economic Research released data indicating an expected population increase from 79,303 in 2010 to 88,942 in 2020.

Counties estimated to have the most rapid growth are: Baldwin (64.9%), Limestone (58.5%), Lee (50.9%), Shelby (51.2%), St. Clair (50.4%), Madison (40.6%), Autauga (39.9%) and Elmore County (32.7%).

2020 Census Response Rates

Elmore County  51.3%

Tallassee Population By Decade

1880 1,182
1890 1,413 19.5%
1910 1,347
1920 2,034 51.0%
1930 843 −58.6%
1940 1,011 19.9%
1950 4,225 317.9%
1960 4,934 16.8%
1970 4,809 −2.5%
1980 4,763 −1.0%
1990 5,112 7.3%
2000 4,934 −3.5%
2010 4,819 −2.3%