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Blalock taking position in Georgia

By Michael Butler

Lt. L. C. Blalock with the Tallassee Police Department is a familiar face. He has been with the department for nine years. Friday, June 26 will be his final day on the job in Tallassee.

"This opportunity came along. I guess somebody was watching me," Blalock said. "It was a very hard decision. Tallassee has been my family."

Blalock, 41, will be working in law enforcement in the Atlanta area. The move from a small town department to a major metropolitan area does not concern Blalock.

"It doesn't make me nervous," he said. "When I was a child, I always wanted to help. I've had several family members that have been police officers. We're here to serve, just like the military."

Blalock's uncle, Tallassee City Councilman Charles Blalock, had a hand in how his nephew got started in the line of work that he always wanted to do.

"I was working for ATT Wireless," the officer recalled. "(Charles) said, 'Tallassee has some openings.' It went from there."

Ben Taylor complimented Blalock on his work. "I've worked with Lt. Blalock and he always had the utmost professionalism," he said.

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