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Hammock addresses commission on ambulance service

By Michael Butler

Tallassee mayor Johnny Hammock addressed the Elmore County Commission at the July 13 meeting in Wetumpka with concerns about deficiencies with ambulance service.

"We don't have problem with Haynes Ambulance when they get on the scene. The problem is the time getting to the scene," mayor Johnny Hammock said. "I could tell numerous stories that we've had. I've been complaining for years. Now they're trying to give me the coronavirus excuse."

Tallassee has a compact agreement with other municipalities in the county that share the ambulance service.

"This compact was signed in 2009. Elmore County is one of the fastest growing counties. There are 200 more ambulance calls per month now than in 2009. That's what I told the commission. Let's look at doing a resolution to amend this compact and get Haynes to add a few more ambulances to take care of this."

Hammock said that wait times have exceeded 30 minutes on a variety of instances.

"I want to us to go out and bid with CARE or Haynes to get a dedicated one or two ambulances here, see what it costs. We can get out of that compact with a 90-day written notice."