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Tallassee and Reeltown coaches Woody Weaver (left) and Duane Webster

"Battle of Tallapoosa" trailer released

By Michael Butler

There is doubt about whether school will start on time in August due to the current state of things. Coronavirus is in all the headlines. Athletics has taken a back seat.

The hope is that sporting events will return to the headlines soon. Before COVID-19, much of the talk in these parts revolved around the renewal of the Reeltown/Tallassee rivalry. The matchup came back during the 2019-20 school year and is scheduled to come back to the football field on Aug. 20.

Now there are questions about the status of the 2020 football season. Will it happen? Will it be a full season? All of that is still to be determined.

The only question about the "Battle of the Tallapoosa" up until recently was, 'Will it be a sellout?'

Reeltown and Tallassee are to kick off their seasons on a Thursday night at J. E. "Hot" O'Brien Stadium in Tallassee. The stadium since renovation and expansion in 2010 has been close to capacity on a handful of occasions but not quite full.

If pandemic restrictions are removed and large crowds can gather again safely, 5,500 spectators might be a realistic goal.

Television producer and Tallassee High School graduate Myron Williams has been working on a documentary titled, "Battle of the Tallapoosa." It is to be shown the week of the game. A movie trailer was posted last week that is sure to rekindle the hype.

"This feature is going to outlast all of us," Williams said. "The documentary will be an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes. It's going to be a full-fledged movie documentary. The sky is the limit. We don't know where this is going to go. I've done so many big projects in my life. I've been waiting for this. This is from my heart."

"Battle of the Tallapoosa" Movie Trailer