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Rush Propst: The saga of Rush Propst may have come to an end. It has been a career of many peaks and valleys.

I can remember back to 1998 when I first spoke with Propst. We produced a statewide high school football radio show and I called him about being a guest on the program.

Propst was the first coach of the newly conglomerated Alma Bryant High School then. His team was undefeated after the regular season. This was his first and last season there. He would be hired at Hoover the next year.

Propst already had a reputation. All he did was win.

He took an Asheville program that had never been past the first round of the playoffs to the semifinals in just four years. That was his first head coaching stint.

When he was hired at Eufaula, the Tigers had three straight losing seasons. He was in the post-season in year one and recorded the first ten-win season shortly after, the first in a decade there.

Propst's best work came at Hoover though. That's where he became the face of high school football in this state.

On that same radio show, Propst was a regular. I remember him talking to us prior to the ESPN-broadcast season opener when Tim Tebow came to town. We all recall the MTV "Two-A-Days" show that followed the on- and off-the-field activities of the coach and his players.

Hoover had one state title under Bob Finley when it was known as Berry High School in 1977. Propst won his first in year two. Then he won four more. From 2000-2006, the Bucs were 97-7 reaching the state title game each year during that span.

Propst's name was at the top of lists for college coaching gigs. It never happened, although rival coach Bill Clark of Prattville High made the jump to the college ranks.

Instead, Propst remained at the prep level moving to Georgia. He added two more championships.

He came back to Alabama last year to coach Pell City. The program was on a five-year streak of losing seasons with a 1-9 record the year before Propst was hired. Propst went 1-9.

A couple of weeks ago, word was leaked that Propst was about to be let go. The board meeting apparently did not go as planned. The crowd erupted as it appeared that Propst would be retained.

That was only temporary. Last week, Propst resigned his position without clear reason of why.

There is always more to the story. What has transpired over the years in and out of the public eye would make an interesting documentary. Many have suggest a "30 for 30" type of piece.

Propst's successes and soap-opera drama is made for television. He's already had some experience with that.

Is it truly the end of the Propst coaching era? He is 66. Something tells me that the story is still - "to be continued."