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Super League: Most people don't seem to care much for what has happened with college sports. They're some of the same ones who wanted change. 'Athletes deserve to be paid,' they said.

What we have, might not be what they envisioned. Is there a right way to make this NIL stuff work?

There is now a group who has some new ideas on getting it all straightened out while keeping the dollars on the table for student-athletes.

You've probably gotten wind of the Super League proposal for certain schools to break away from the old and now new college football we knew and are getting to know. As for the other sports, who knows?

The talk is that this league would consist of 80 teams. This is a bit more than we might have anticipated with the earlier conversations of new super conferences separating form the current NCAA FBS format.

If this comes to fruition, a 16-game playoff has been proposed.

The people who have their hands in this are the higher-ups in the sports universe, who know about how money is to be handled. They're as much business-minded as sports-minded.

There is a broadcast revenue sharing plan for players. It's easy and equal based on players'' classifications. The lion's share would go to upperclassmen. There would also be a NIL roster cap. Get ready for more lawsuits.

There is an idea for a 40-game spring football festival as well. Sleepy spring scrimmages would be no more.

These ideas on the table may have more leverage when going to potential broadcast partners like ESPN. The eight divisions that are being proposed would leave out more than 50 teams in the current FBS, but that would be to the liking of the TV guys who know which teams bring ratings. They're not in the bottom 50.

Those new-look conferences like the SEC and Big Ten would be no more. We would go back to a more retro, geographical look.

For instance, the South Division would include: Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, LSU, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Tennessee and Vanderbilt. Sounds like to original SEC. Where's Tulane and Sewanee?

The regular season would be 14 games - whew! This sounds like a pro schedule. You want them to be paid don't you?

More change is coming. The question is which route will the universities take. It will come down to what is most lucrative. Money drives everything.