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Basketball Wrap Up: It's over, the season that is. The coaching carousel continues. More on that in a moment.

First, congrats to Bruce Dean's Picks 3 for finishing at the top of our local group in the bracket contest. A_TaylorOP's Picks 1 was next in line.

Winnie was the overall top picker in the ESPN contest. Either that's Mr. Pooh or the girl from the Wonder Years. Whomever, they had a perfect bracket from the Sweet 16 to picking the champ UConn to repeat.

The cocky award goes to (not Dawn Staley of the Gamecocks) but Dan Hurley. He is the most arrogant coach in sports.

Staley got more attention during March Madness for her run in the women's tournament. South Carolina had a perfect season. Most of the attention on that side was due to Caitlin Clark, who Staley was sure to credit.

The TV ratings for the women's championship was better than the men's title game. That's a first. It was the highest rated women's event in the history of sports viewing.

The 18.7 million shattered last year's high water mark of 4.5 million on the ladies' side.

The reason for the draw was Clark. She is a spectacle. And we're drawn to her. I watched and enjoyed it.

Sports need stars. Just like Jordan in the NBA (and I'm not saying she's Michael Jordan), Clark brings star power.

Back to the men's side and that coaching thing. Eric Musselman's departure from Arkansas for USC started a domino effect.

Kentucky's John Calipari will be packing his bags for Fayetteville to become Musselman's replacement. Could Nate Oats be leaving an opening in Tuscaloosa?

Straight off of the Final Four run at Alabama, Oats has become an even hotter prospect. The Crimson Tide has compensated him well, but Kentucky is to baketball what Alabama is to football.

Oats says he's happy where he is and he's not going anywhere. Who knows what route Kentucky might take or who might be first on their wish list. It could be Hurley. I'm sure they won't mind his pompous nature if he's bringing championships.

Bruce Pearl's name came up a few weeks back. That was quickly dismissed with the talk of the price tag to fire Calipari. Arkansas took care of that 'problem' for the Cats, and both parties are excited for a change.

Looking ahead to next season, the Sporting News put out its "Way Too Early" poll and had Alabama at No. 1. The Crimson Tide was No. 1 in a similar poll for football. That changed when Nick Saban called it a career.

Kentucky is also ranked by the Sporting News at No. 4. Auburn is No. 11. Maybe the Tide and Tigers can keep their "way too early" stock. That Kentucky ranking will likely change, but that depends on who's next.

There's a coach up in Storrs, Conn. with his chest poked out so far he can barely stand up right without falling over. Throw all the money at him. Leave the guys in our 'football' state alone.