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New CFP: The end of the 10-year four-team model of the College Football Playoff has not long been in the rear-view mirror. We're going to 12 next season. Aren't we?

The CFP model was to be a 12-team format starting in 2024 with the six highest ranked conference champions and six at-large teams comprising the field. But, much has changed since that idea was put in ink.

The conference shuffle has ensued. Some leagues are stronger leaving the others in disarray and in the PAC-12's case - dangling by a thread.

The Pac-12 just named a new commissioner. Yes, they still have a hearbeat but are on life support. It's really the Pac-2 now. They will likely add teams from the Mountain West and potentially elsewhere but still be a has-been league.

The SEC and Big Ten have separated themselves from the rest. The ACC and Big 12 may be a level above the Pacific Coast Conference but still far behind the money cows that have Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Ohio State, Michigan and USC.

Locks for the six conference champs really shouldn't apply anymore. Having six locks was throwing a bone at the Group of Five programs. But now with conference realignments, you're throwing that bone to basically every other conference besides the SEC and Big Ten.

ESPN is in negotiations about the future of the CFP rights deal for television. College football is still a big draw and demands big money, but is it worth billions with these participation-trophy teams getting invites?

Dropping the number of guarantees to five conference champions has been discussed to avoid adding teams from leagues without substance. I'm not sure that will make a big difference.

If you're a regular to this column, you know my stance on record. It only goes so far. Take Liberty from last year. They were Conference USA champs at 13-0. They played Oregon in the Fiesta Bowl and lost 45-6.

The Flames would've made the playoff with the new format. They don't belong.

The times - they are a changing. What's next? I expect some modifications to the playoff format. The future of college football in general is still up in the air.

The NIL, transfer portal and superconferences will be major factors in who's in. And most of the little guys have little chance regardless of there being more positions to fill.

Tigers/Rebels: The varsity baseball game between Tallassee and Reeltown last week had everything. Atmosphere, exciting plays and a walk-off.

Reeltown beat Tallassee for the first time in eight tries. The game was electric as usual. Regardless of the sport, this rivalry stands out.

There's a reason to play this game and others between the programs going forward. The teams meet again in March. I'm sure I'm not alone in stating that I'm ready for the encore.