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Music City: It's not really known for football. Nashville is Music City. Birmingam has been called the "Football Capital of the South." Atlanta is home to the College Football Hall of Fame.

The latter two are the only locations where SEC Media Days or the SEC "Kickoff" has been held - until now. It's expected that the unofficial kickoff to college football will be on a tour of to-be-named locations going forward.

The SEC is headquartered in Birmingham, hence it being the host site most years. But the conference wants to take the show on the road. And it very well may take it a good ways away from the original footprint of the Southeastern Conference.

How far is too far? Don't expect it to go to New York City, but how about Dallas?

With Oklahoma and Texas joining the league next year, that would be an ideal landing spot to welcome the Big 12 teams with open arms. It is where they play the Red River Rivalry every year.

I've attended every Media Days since 2000. Over 1,000 media members are credentialed every year. How many of those 1,000 plus will drive 12 hours or purchase an airline ticket to cover the event?

Let's look at the nucleus of the coverage. Most of the folks who attend this thing are from the southeast. That could change for those who don't currently attend if the annual experience moves closer to them. By addition there is subtraction too. Many from Alabama, Georgia and Florida won't travel to Texas.

It comes down to what the SEC wants. The event, now more than ever, caters to ESPN and the SEC Network. There is still a "Radio Row" with tons of sports talk stations, but most of the media rooms are for ESPN shows.

Newspapers aren't as big a deal anymore either. There is obviously a bigger presence from web-based sites than in the early years.

It would be ideal for the SEC Network to have this in Charlotte. That's where they're headquartered. That could be a future location too.

When sites are considered, negotiations could come down to bids. Which city is willing to make the best offer to the SEC?

Nashville is a happening town. It has become a hot spot for more than just the Grand Ole Opry. It's got more in the sports world to offer than just Vanderbilt. Like Atlanta, it caters more to pro sports than college though.

The SEC is giving the attending media a concert. We'll see Midland. I've never heard of them.

I'm attending for the football not Music Row or Opryland. I still may go watch this band, but I prefer hearing the coaches and players.

I'll take the SEC's free meals and may even indulge in a high-priced steak. It comes but once per year.

Our radio coverage on the Wake-Up Call on WTLS/Score 94.7/Hit 106.9 is sponsored by CB&S Bank. Their long-running partnership dates back more than two decades. I appreciate that. Listen for live shows from Nashville on Tuesday and Wednesday, July 18 and 19 beginning at 6 a.m. each day.