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The Big Reveal: Show them what's behind door number three! Vanderbilt! YES!!!

Were fans more excited about getting Vanderbilt or Oklahoma? Alabama and Auburn will play both in 2024.

The SEC Network had its schedule reveal last week, but a good bit of the reveal was already out of the bag. Somebody couldn't keep a secret.

Some of the big rivalries were retained. Georgia/Auburn and Alabama/Tennessee will remain on the slate for one more year.

They're letting folks down softly. You can't keep every "rivalry" however. With 16 teams and eight conference games, some teams just can't play every single year.

Alabama's run of 76 straight years vs. Mississippi State will be broken. That Auburn/LSU game is off the table for now.

There are no cupcake schedules. Some will be easier than others, but this league has enough good teams to make it a grind.

Fans are excited about Oklahoma and Texas. Traditionally speaking, they're tougher than Ole Miss and Mississippi State.

You want those games. But you want to win too. Getting through the season at 7-1 or 8-1 in the future (if we go to nine games) will be a challenge.

It's a new era. Making the playoff will be easier, even if the road there is more difficult. Expanding the field from four to a dozen will open more doors. It may also create more rematches.

Alabama and Georgia meet in the regular season is 2024. They will be among the favorites for a rematch in Atlanta. They will also be a couple of the top choices for the CFP.

Yes, they could play three times in a single season. They've already had a rematch in the National Championship Game after playing for the SEC title a few years ago.

Paul Finebaum called the big reveal a "seminal moment" for the conference. I guess so.

Those trips to Austin and Norman will be fun. For OU and UT, trips to Baton Rouge and Gainesville will top Lawrence and Manahattan, Kansas.

Vanderbilt Stadium may be similar to Big 12 venues, but Nashville is a fun city at least. That's where we're headed next month for SEC Media Days. Listen to the Wake-Up Call, presented by CB&S Bank and River Region Sports live from Nashville on July 18 and 19 on WTLS - Score 94.7/Hit 106.9.