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Prime Time: You’ve heard of building from the ground up. Ask Deion Sanders about it.

Coach Prime is basically starting from scratch at his new job at Colorado. Sanders said he’d be “bringing his luggage with him.”  He wasn’t lying, but I doubt even he expected this.

71 players have transferred out of Boulder. Many were shown the door. Several others followed without coaxing from the new staff.

Thanks to the transfer portal, you can disassemble and reassemble your roster in an off-season. That’s what Sanders is trying to do.

I just visited the official Colorado Athletics website. I counted 74 players on the current roster. Most don’t have a picture by their name yet. Sanders still has some work to do.

Most colleges carry over 100 players hence the duplicate jersey numbers. The NCAA allows 85 on scholarship. Then there are the walkons.

You might say that based on the Buffaloes recent struggles, good riddances were in order.

Pat Narduzzi, Pitt’s coach, disagrees. He was recently quoted regarding what’s happening with Colorado stating that you take what you’ve got and work with it.

"Those kids have moms and dads and brothers and sisters and goals in life," he said.

With all the departures, Deion has plenty of holes to fill. He’s doing it in the portal.

Colorado has 50 portal commits in the current class. Auburn is a distant second in that category with 21. The Tigers have a new coach too who is looking for a winning recipe as well.

With the ability to completely overhaul rosters, coaches have the opportunity to to turn things around quicker than in years past. They don’t really have the excuse of ‘it’ll take three or four years’ anymore.

University athletic departments have been pretty fast in dumping existing coaching staffs in search of the championship formula. That time table is faster now than ever.

Can Deion win with his new luggage? The fans are ready for some “Prime Time“ winning. The program had one win last season, so it'd be tough to be any worse.

That "Prime" swagger has already caught the eyes of FOX. They have a tabbed the season opener vs TCU for their “Big Noon” slot.

It knight draw viewers just as Colorado did for its sellout spring game, but don’t count on a victory. The ESPN FPI gives the Buffs about a five percent chance of winning.