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The Height Thing: The measurements are out. Drum roll please... Bryce Young is just 5-10 1/2. He's not 6 feet tall? Who knew when he was standing nose to nose with Nick Saban?

I wonder what that inch and a half would have meant during Young's college career. Just think - if he were taller he really could've been something.

What is it about prototypes? Why is 6 feet the minimum height for success in the NFL? Maybe Bryce would have more stature in the eyes of league execs if he were an inch and half taller.

A paper clip is about that length, as is a bottlecap.

There are those who have succeeded who were quite short. Inch High Private Eye comes to mind. Napolean was short - 5-6. Yep, but these guys weren't playing quarterback.

Todd McShay, NFL draft expert, used these words on the revelation that Young is only 5-10 1/2, "If I'm a GM, I'd be scared to death of drafting him."

Bryce might not live up at the next level. But I'll note this, it won't be because he's an inch and half shorter than indicated on his college roster.