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THS Football History: A full century of Tallassee High School football is in the rearview mirror. A great reference website on the past is the Alabama High School Football Historical Society.

AHSFHS has just about everything about every high school football team in the state including the Tigers - dating back to the first season in 1921.

Here are some of the highlights. The first undefeated season was in 1942. The first 10-0 regular season came in 1999. The program's first playoff appearance was in 1983 ('Get 'em off the goalposts!). Tallassee's first post-season win came in 1984.

The most victories in a single-season was in 1999 under Mark Rose. The Tigers went 13-1.

There are no state championships. There are two mythical titles as awarded by newspapers in 1954 and '61.

If a playoff format were in place back in the "Hot" O'Brien 40s, Tallassee would have at least one blue trophy - wouldn't they?

Tallassee's 57-game unbeaten streak under O'Brien ran from 1941-47. In that period came the school's longest win streak of 33 games (there was a tie in that 57).

Breaking down the decades, nothing compares to the 1940s. The O'Brien teams racked up a record of 75-10-5 (86%) from 1940-49. No other decade has exceeded 70 percent.

The next best was the most recent. From 2010-19, Tallassee was 73-39 (65%) under Rodney Dollar, Jared Jones and current coach Mike Battles, who coached eight of those ten teams.

Tallasse's best decade otherwise was the 1990s with Woody Weaver, Steve McCord and Mark Rose at the helm. Those teams combined for a record of 67-47 (59%).

Since O’Brien, Tallassee's only other decade above 50 percent was the 1950s with an overall mark of 48-45-5 (52%).

As we are now into the 2020s, Tallassee is 10-10 so far, coming off a 7-3 record last year.

The state's longest win streak entering the 2022 season belongs to Clay-Chalkville at 15 games.

The longest losing streak is 62 by Columbiana. Barbour County got off the hook thanks to a forfeit win last year. The program's last win on the field was on Oct. 18, 2013 when they beat Catholic 51-8.

How things have changed. Last year, Barbour County was shut out in every game but one. They gave up more than 50 points in every game. Catholic, on the other hand, outscored its 14 opponents 636-43.

There is hope that where you are currently is not necessarily a sign of where you're going. Post that on the bulletin board down in Clayton, Ala.

THS Records by Decade
1920s: 29-21-4 (57.4%)
1930s: 71-17-4 (79.4%)
1940s: 75-10-5 (86.1%)
1950s: 48-45-5 (51.5%)
1960s: 44-50-4 (46.9%)
1970s: 37-62-1 (37.5%)
1980s: 47-61-1 (41.3%)
1990s: 67-47 (58.8%)
2000s: 51-55 (48.1%)
2010s: 73-39 (65.2%)