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College Champs: Rah Rah Rah!!! In the College World Series, Auburn eliminated Stanford - the best team in intercollegiate athletics. What?

When it comes to all sports, Stanford is the benchmark. The Cardinal have won the Directors' Cup just about every year since it has existed.

The NACDA Directors' Cup, like the Capital One Cup and others, scores a variety of sports - men's and women's. The Cap One even has water polo.

But when you think of the best of the best in college sports, do you think of Stanford?

You probably think of the teams that have won football, basketball, baseball and softball. Those really are the big ones on campus.

Auburn has fared well in those over the past year, but they're not ranked in the overall standings of 'best' in sports. They must not count equestrian.

The Capital One separates the men and women (I thought you could no longer do that). Stanford is No. 1 in the men's division. They are second in the women's behind Southern Cal.

Alabama ranked highest among SEC teams in the men's standings at No. 7. No other SEC team was ranked in either.

In the NACDA standings, also called the Learfield Directors' Cup, BYU is currently on top. Arkansas was the only SEC in the top ten at No. 8.

Isn't the SEC the best sports conference in the country? Apparently not.

If you count the sports that most people watch, you find some SEC flavor.

Here's a breakdown of the number of national champions per conference over the past decade in football, basketball, baseball and softball.

Football - SEC (6), ACC (3), Big Ten (1).

Basketball (Men) - ACC (4), Big East (2), Big 12 (2), AAC (1), SEC (1).

Basketball (Women) - AAC (4), Big 12 (2), SEC (2), PAC-12 (1), ACC (1).

Baseball - SEC (5), PAC-12 (3), ACC (1), Big South (1).

Softball - Big 12 (5), SEC (2), ACC (1), PAC-12 (1).

There has been some conference jumping over the past ten years. That's why the AAC has more titles than the Big East.

It is surprising that on that list the Big South has as many natties as the Big Ten - one each.

Coastal Carolina (now in the Sun Belt) won the 2016 baseball title and was a Big South team. Ohio State's CFP championship in 2014 is the lone Big Ten trophy in the sports noted above.

Football should be weighted more, but it wouldn't matter for the Big Ten. It would help the SEC.

The SEC is solid in football (6 of the last 10 titles), but as far as championships go - of late - baseball is second with five blue trophies.

That could become six this week. All four SEC qualifiers are still alive at the CWS in Omaha, but they're going to wipe each other out to some degree.

In one bracket with Arkansas, Ole Miss and Auburn, just one will advance - but one will. From the other bracket, Texas A&M could make it an all-SEC championship.

As for Stanford, there's always next year - and that includes water polo.