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CWS: The Auburn Tigers are one of four SEC teams in the eight-team field for the College Baseball World Series in Omaha. Tennessee is not.

First off, congrats to the Tigers - the overachievers. Second, to Tennessee - good riddance chokers!

That's the sentiment from most on the latter. UT was the overall No. 1 seed. They aren't alone in what has become the curse of being the top seed.

Every favorite has come up short in the quest for the natty in the 2000s. Miami was the last top dog to finish on top - in 1999. The Hurricanes eliminated Alabama in the semis and rival FSU in the finals to win the crown.

That '99 season was the last time the Tide has been in a CWS. Auburn's most recent trip was only three years ago. That was 2019. Neither program is known for their baseball prowess. Neither has ever won a national championship.

This Auburn team was picked in the back of the pack, like Bama, in the preseason SEC predictions. They have been solid however and now are a legitimate contender.

Don't be surprised if they win the whole thing.

Sonny DiChiara is one of the hottest players in the game. The Samford transfer has been fun to watch.

As for Tennessee, there is no love lost for this group. While the orange-clad followers might have embraced their brash attitude, it turned the rest of the sports world against them.

From the bat flips to the flipoffs, it's more than we can stand.

Old school fans like the "act like you've been there approach." I'm among them - even when cheering for my own team. There should be some integrity and sportsmanship.

Having an attitude to some degree can be a benefit, an edge so to speak. The cockiness goes beyond that when you're cussing and chestbumping umpires.

I don't know if it taught the Vols any kind of lesson. Would it have mattered? In the end, one of the best teams can only brag about the season now in the past tense while they sit at home and watch thinking what might have been.