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Long Shot: Everybody loves an underdog - especially when it pays 80 to 1.

Rich Strike did just that as the surprise winner of the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs on Saturday.

I didn't set those two minutes aside from my day to watch. Thank goodness for Twitter replays.

I saw the overhead video of this cheapo horse ($30K is cheap for a thoroughbred) working his way from the back of the pack to first across the finish line in the annual "Run for the Roses."

It was a thing of beauty. It was a great by its owner. You can say he 'struck it rich' - pun intended.

What are you watching on TV sportswise these days? The NBA or NHL playoffs? The fist batch of the 100-plus MLB games or the USFL (how 'bout them Stallions)? College baseball or softball?

Some watched the Kentucky Derby. The event is a spectacle. It has its tradition of big hats and mint juleps.

This past year when on a long trip north and back, I stopped in Lousville and walked around at Churchill Downs. Seeing the Kentucky Derby is not necessarily on the "Bucket List" however.

That was a fun road trip still. It would be a cool tour to time things right and see events at some of the places I saw.

That was last summer when the family followed the Babe Ruth 13-year-olds all the way to Jamestown, NY. Along the way we saw a lot.

I ate pizza by the Woody Hayes statue in Columbus on the campus of Ohio State and took a photo at the Horseshoe.

We drove through NFL cities; Nashville, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Buffalo.

We visited the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. We saw where they make the Louisville Slugger. And we saw Churchill Downs.

Maybe one day I'll get a snazzy suit and take the wife to the May race - like Wayne Pitchford did. I know he enjoyed it.

For now, I'll continue watching the squirrels in the run for the acorns from my back porch.