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Soaps: What's your favorite - Dial, Irish Spring? No, I mean soap operas. "Days of Our Lives" or maybe "As the World Turns?" Maybe "Another World" is appropriate in this case.

Many have compared what's happening in the Auburn University football department to a soap opera. Why not? But, the first episode has avoided the climactic "Who shot J.R." conclusion.

President Jay Gouge issued a statement regarding head football coach Bryan Harsin.

"I am pleased to confirm that Bryan Harsin remains our head football coach," he wrote. Well, thanks Mr. President.

A week-long frenzy of rumors swirled around the "loveliest village" taking us from what-ifs to a status of unchanged - a lof of chatter and only chatter. What a fiasco.

Gouge blamed social media for some of the speculation claiming it "fueled" it with "substantial misinformation." Is that so?

Of course, social media puts bait in the water everyday with reporters who make their living hoping for bites. Not everything they report is true.

I don't think blaming them is accurate however. Auburn could have quelled the "misinformation" themselves. Instead, the university was prompted by the outside noise to "judiciously" start their own investigation.

Should the powers on the Plains allow social media to push the buttons for action? Were they looking into the "misinformation" before it started trending on social media?

Social media is where several now-former players have vented about Harsin - none more outspoken than Kobe Hudson, who has transferred to UCF to reunite with former Auburn coach Gus Malzahn.

Hudson called Harsin a "dictator." Guys like Hudson determine the future of guys like Harsin with comments like these.

This is the same player who dropped two would-be first-down passes in the loss to Houston on the Tigers last drive of the Birmingham Bowl.

Was Harsin's job suddenly in question because guys like Hudson (a Gus recruit by the way) didn't make plays last season? Was it because guys like Hudson are now somewhere else? Or was it because of the social media?

Now, is Bryan Harsin breathing a sigh of relief since he still has a job? Is he still on shaky ground based on the university's reaction to investigate instead of reaffirming their coach from the get-go?

I'm guessing Harsin is just a bit bitter. How could he not be? In his own statement he said, "The attacks on me and my family went too far." Is that directed at the social media, the university, the boosters, or a combination?

What does the future hold? Well, winning solves everything. Fans are fickle. They're in your corner one moment and against you the next.

Harsin has to know - based on the past week alone - that there is little room for error. Then again, that's the nature of the business, whether it's at Auburn or anywhere else.