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Winter Olympics: NBC paid $7.75 billion for rights to broadcast the Olympics through 2032. They'll need to sell a lot of ads to get back their investment. Corporate America loves the Olympics though.

NBC also has rights to the 2022 Super Bowl which will be broadcast on Sunday. They have sold all their ads for the event. A 30-second spot costs $7 million.

As for this version of the Olympics, I'm not all that excited. I'm a Summer Games guy. Why do the Winter Games not intrigue me? There's just not much ice and snow around here.

Other than Shaun White, there are no headliners for the 2022 Winter Games. No Nancy Kerrigan. No Tonya Harding. No guy clubbing knees.

I tried to watch (with intent) some of the curling competition the other night. I just couldn't. Apparently it was a barnburner with Switzerland and Sweden.

What about gliding on ice and sweeping it constitutes an Olympic sport? That's curling. No barbells required. These guys are good at what they do, but are they athletes?

Maybe the biathlon involves "athletes," but who came up with the idea of combining skiing and rifle shooting?

What do the Olympians in the bobsleigh, luge and skeleton events really do? Don't they just hold on for their lives?

The U.S. hockey team's victory over Russia in the 1980 Winter Olympics might be the biggest upset of all time, but it didn't make a fan out of me. I haven't watched more than two minutes of a hockey match in my life.

Here's a list of the diferent Winter Olympic events:

Alpine Skiing
Cross-Country Skiing
Figure Skating
Freestyle Skiing
Ice Hockey
Nodic Combined
Short Track Skating
Ski Jumping
Speed Skating


As for watching sports on television this month, I'll watch the Super Bowl. I'll also watch some college basketball. But, I doubt I'll be watching much of the Winter Games. Sorry. If all else fails, there's always reruns of the Andy Griffith Show.