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SEC Expansion: It's been an interesting off-season for college football fans. The talk of expanding the College Football Playoff has kept us busy. NIL has changed the game.

The hot topic this week is Southeastern Conference expansion. It's coming. The SEC is welcoming Oklahoma and Texas with open arms. The question now is who's next?

With the Big 12's headliners moving over to the SEC in 2025, it's safe to surmise that others might follow suit. Clemson and Florida State have been mentioned as possibilities from the ACC.

The landscape of conference football is changing. 16-, 18- and 20-team super-conferences may become the norm. It's not a good sign for some leagues.

What will come of the Big 12 or maybe the ACC if the heavyweights are gone? No more Power 5. I'd expect maybe a Super 2 or 3.

The Big 12 is scrambling, but there is no replacement for OU and UT. A Clemson and FSU departure would spell doom for the ACC too.

The Big Ten and PAC-12 might reel in some of the leftovers and stay somewhat relevant.

This is forward thinking for Oklahoma, Texas and the SEC. Their product. has been enhanced.

With select college players making millions in the years to come, you have to go where you're most marketable.

The SEC is already the leader in intercollegiate athletics. The divide is about to be even greater.