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TV-less: Cutting the cord - it's all the rage. I recently haven't cut out cable. I'm justing moving it.

I actually like Spectrum - except for the $200 plus spent with them monthly. They have about 500 channels. And I do watch a few of them; like 97 - where you can hear WTLS and Tallassee Tigers sports (shamless plug number one).

Many of you who know me know I'm moving. After the past 20 years in East Tallassee, I'm headed to the west side.

On Feb. 3, I had Spectrum turn off my current cable and move it to our soon-to-be new residence. It was the day after the Super Bowl. The timing was perfect.

I thought I might be without TV for a few days during the transition. Wrong. It's been more than two weeks.

How has it been? Refreshing. I like to watch TV before bedtime. Now I just listen to the radio ("80's Flashback" on WTLS - that's two).

It's been Hall and Oates that has taken the place of HGTV (it helps me sleep).

I"ve had numerous folks ask, 'Did you see that finish?" Usually they're referring to a sporting event. No. I haven't.

I have watched very little sports. We pulled the plug on internet in the home too. So, I've used up my "unlimited" data plan.

I'll see a highlight or two on a social media post, but I've not streamed video to my devices much. It really zaps the data plan.

Last week, I missed the Alabama/Auburn basketball game. 'Did you see that?!' No, but I heard it on the radio.

I missed Herb Jones one-handed mastery vs. LSU on Saturday. I did see a Twitter highlight though.

I'm not being Ted Kaczynski here and going all out with no technology. There has been a little, but I haven't missed the teletube all that much. If this were college football season, it would be different.

I have still gotten my sports fix through live events. I've seen a lot of basketball in person, mostly the Tallassee Tigers.

We're moving into baseball season now which is always alive in East Tallassee on Dixie Youth game nights.

I'll miss walking the dog around the ball park and letting him sniff the empty hotdog wrappers.

I'll miss those walks to and from the fields for many games, most with my own son. He will play his last year of DYB this year at Stalnaker Field, where my grandfather of the same name coached me as a youngster.

I won't hear the screaming mamas when little Johnny gets a hit from my back door anymore.

I won't hear splashing water and kids hooting and hollering from the nearby City Pool anymore. Although I do hear that there are a few pools in our new neighborhood.

I won't be hearing the sounds of tennis balls hitting the concrete wall from the racquet of Frank "Spec" Pearson at Pearson Court.

I guess the thing I'll miss most with our move is the neighborhood that was our home for the past two decades.

It's where we taught each of our kids to ride their bikes. It's where countless backyard football, basketball and baseball games were played - just as it was when I was a kid.

Thanks to East Tallassee and the folks on Lilly Avenue. I'll still drive by once in a while if that's okay.