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NFL Draft Review: A reported 500,000 took part in activites surrounding last week's NFL Draft in Nashville. They seemed to keep some of their enthusiasm after the first few hours.

Day one of the event has all the pomp and circumstance. Then the next two days lose their luster. Most folks (me included) don't watch much after the first night.

This year, ESPN partnered with its sister network station ABC to provide two separate broadcasts. The regular NFL guys handled the coverage from the "Worldwide Leader in Sports." On ABC, the "College Gameday" gang were at the helm.

I watched both. The ABC version was more entertainment driven with Robin Roberts (a former ESPN anchor herself) at the forefront. Roberts, now on "Good Morning America," interviewed Taylor Swift. After all, the big show was in Music City, USA.

I liked the element of college guys talking about college players headed to the next level. It provided a different perspective. I like hearing what Kirk Herbstreit has to say as much as Mel Kiper Jr.

Alabama led the country in draft picks with 10. The Crimson Tide now has 64 players in the NFL. Alabama backer Brian from Eclectic commented on Facebook each time another Bama player was picked - "I'm a Jets fan now," or "I'm a Bengals fan now."

If Brian is a fan of every team that has an Alabama player, he's pulling for everybody.

Auburn had six players drafted (the same number as last season's national champ Clemson). Jarrett Stidham went to the Patriots.

The headline on the front page of the Montgomery Advertiser sports section read, "Brady's successor?"

How many more years Brady will play is up in the air. Brady was an underdog himself. He was drafted in the 6th round at 199 back in 2000. He was a once in a lifetime pick.

Stidham, a fourth rounder and 133 overall, has the deck stacked against him. Even the lofty picks have a slim chance of making it. For every Tom Brady, there are hundreds of Jamarcus Russell's.

Will No. 1 pick Kyler Murray become a superstar? It'll be tough in Arizona. Brady playing for Belichick has been as beneficial to Brady as much as the "GOAT" playing for the "GOAT" has been for Belichick. Make sense?

Next year's forecast is already out - and it could be the year of the quarterback. Mr. Kiper lists Alabama's Tua Tagovailoa as his No. 1 pick. Oregon's Justin Herbert is also expected to go very early. Don't forget Georgia's Jake Fromm, another top ten prospect.

By the way, Auburn faces all three this season - still uncertain of who their own signal caller will be when they line up across from the Ducks on Aug. 31.