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GOATs: The Greatest of All Time. The term "GOAT" has become a hashtag for the those at the top of the sport. Overused? Probably.

Muhammed Ali might have been the first to call himself the greatest. He was never known for his modesty.

It seems that with every post on social media about the Patriots latest Super Bowl title that a hashtag of #GOAT had to follow anything with Tom Brady's name in it.

The question of who is the greatest is subjective and difficult to define with the generations and how sports have changed.

Is Michael Jordan greater than Lebron James? Would Wilt Chamberlain dominate today's game?

In golf, the game has changed too. Guys can drive the ball 350 yards today. Bobby Jones couldn't do that. The equipment is better. The guys are stronger.

Tiger Woods single-handedly changed the way we look at golf. Precision, putting and mental fortitude still figure in, but the regimen of athletes and their bodies is quite the contrast from the origins of the gentlemen's sport.

Woods broke a long dry spell at majors with his Sunday win in Augusta. He finally came from behind in the final round. And he won the coveted green jacket after a 14-year stretch since his last.

Is he the greatest the game has seen? Back when he was on top it was a no-brainer that he would end his career on the links as the greatest. The last decade plus has not gone as expected.

Woods had health and personal issues that contributed to his decline. Most golf fans denounced him. But time heals all wounds.

As Woods made the championship walk on 18 to cheers of "Tiger" at Augusta, all had been forgotten. It was the ultimate comeback story. And folks in general want to see the good in people.

Tiger is good for golf. Although CBS had to go live early on Sunday due to severe weather moving in, I'm sure the ratings were still good. It's always better when Woods' name is at the top of the leaderboard.

When asked about the early Sunday start - around 9:30, Woods stated that his wake-up call would come around 3:45 a.m. He quipped that it takes a while to get the old body ready.

At 43, the question is if Woods will win another major or was this his last hooorah? Jack Nicklaus, regarded as the greatest, won his last major championship on the same course at 46.

It was Nicklaus' last major title, his 18th overall. His span between Masters' wins was 11 years.

When we list the greatest at anything, we usually cite numbers. That's why Brady is the GOAT. He has the rings to prove it. Ditto on Jordan and Ali.

To unseat Nicklaus, Woods still has work to do. Many said he wouldn't win again. And a lot of crow was served for breakfast on Monday morning.