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Is It Already Over?: It is a privilege to call Tallassee sports broadcasts. I enjoy as much as anything else that comes with the territory. There is nothing that comes close to playoff coverage. It's what I enjoy the most.

However, all good things must come to an end. And it did last weekend in Munford. The Lions ended the Tigers's season with a 4-0 and 9-4 sweep in Talladega County.

For me, I've got next season. For the eight seniors, it's over. These guys have played ball since tee-ball. Some will continue at the college level at least.

This is probably toughest on the parents who commit day after day and season after season to the sport. They wouldn't trade it for anything by the way.

The day after, I saw grillmaster Jackie Stewart at the Dixie Youth Fields where it all began with his son Caleb. Jackie said it really sunk in on the long drive back to Tallassee Friday night.

Caleb was back at the baseball diamond that Saturday with his senior teammate Casey Baynes. The two were umpiring DYB games for the next generation of Tallassee Tigers.

Someday, I'm sure they'll be bringing up their own at the ballparks. The cycle continues.

Talladega Night: After the games on Friday at Munford, I took the 15-minute drive to Talladega to spend one night at the Holiday Inn Express. They have a good breakfast buffet.

I don't sleep well on the road, but I managed to get in a few winks. My son Jack and I had some time on Saturday, so we made the drive over to Talladega Superspeedway.

This is a week before the big race, so it was empty. We got two tickets to tour the International Motorsports Museum and take a van ride around the track. The cost - $24.

There were a lot of race cars to see including a Pinto. We had a Pinto when I was little boy. It was brown. I can't imagine this car breaking 70, much less running in a race - but it did.

We got to circle the track in a van. Some have taken the race car ride at 'Dega in the passenger seat. Others have actually driven the oval. That would've cost more than $24.

Having been to a race, this was a different perspective. Of course the thing that is most intriguing is the banking of the track. It's the steepest in all of NASCAR at 33 degrees. You can't get the effect unless you see it with your own eyes. TV cameras don't do it justice.

Iron Bowl of Baseball: Alabama and Auburn met in Tuscaloosa for a "baseball" series over the weekend. Some fans may have paid the admission price after witnessing the Alabama A-Day Game free of charge. They should request a refund unless they wore orange and blue.

The Tigers swept the Tide, just as Bama did to them last year on the Plains. Now, sweeping the Tide is no tall task when it comes to baseball, but it's a matter of how they did it.

Auburn not only won all three games, they slaughtered the Tide at "The Joe." Game one, a 19-5 AU win, was a fluke you might say - not! After a 5-0 win in game two, the Tigers took the closer 20-5. How does that happen?

This ain't Little League! How does a college baseball team give up 44 runs in three games? The bats aren't hot like they used to be. Where's the pitching? 44 runs! No way.

Some said Alabama couldn't dare be as bad as last year. Yes, they've already surpassed the SEC win mark of 2017 with... ahem - five wins. Still, this program is a sad case.

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