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Crockett Moyers

Tiger Sharks have a state champion

Staff Report

The Tallassee Tiger Sharks swim team finished 12th out of 31 teams at the state meet in Opelika, July 28-29. There was one state titlist.

In the freestyle, Crockett Moyers won the boys 6U division.

"I am so proud," coach Donna Funderburk said. "Crockett was in lane eight and came out first."

Tallassee placed in four more individual events and one team event.

The 9/10 boys were third in the medley relay. Moyers added a bronze medal to his gold with a third place finish in the boys 6U backstroke. Camden Mask was second in the boys 9/10 breast stroke. Macey Stewart was also second in the girls 9/10 freestyle. Chase Webster was third in the boys 9/10 freestyle.

Showing off their ribbons (left to right): Macey Stewart, Sawyer Mathis, Crockett Moyers, Harmony Moyers, Camden Mask, Coach Funderburk. Photo by Joely Stewart

"We only swim in May, June and July and try to beat the programs that swim year-round. It's harder when they get older because all they do is swim. We do other things," Funderburk said.

Although it is the conclusion of another swim season for some, for others the training and competition will continue. Tallassee High School is adding swimming to its athletic offerings this fall.

"I can't coach because it's against AHSAA rules," Funderburk noted. "Jamie Aldridge will be the coach and I'll be their mentor. Some of our rec kids will stay with it. Four or five go full-time in Auburn."

Tallassee Tiger Sharks Results
State Tournament, Opelika (July 28, 29)

*12th place of 30 teams

Team Events

Medley Relay: 9/10 Boys - Chase Webster, Camden Mask, Sawyer Mathis, Eli Carpenter - 3rd
Freestyle Relay: 9/10 Boys - Donavan Aldridge, Camden Mask, Sawyer Mathis, Eli Carpenter - 7th

Individual Events

Breast Stroke:
8U Girls - Harmony Moyers - 4th
9/10 Boys - Camden Mask - 2nd

6U Boys - Crockett Moyers - 1st
9/10 Boys - Chase Webser - 3rd, Sawyer Mathis - 6th
9/10 Girls - Macey Stewart - 2nd
13/14 Girls - Addison Bruner - 1st

Individual Medley:
9/10 Boys - Chase Webser - 4th
9/10 Girls - Macey Stewart - 6th
11/12 Boys - Geoffrey Dark - 8th

8U Girls - Harmony Moyers - 7th
9/10 Girls - Macey Stewart - 4th
11/12 Boys - Geoffrey Dark - 6th
13/14 Boys - Ezra Carpenter - 10th

6U Boys - Crockett Moyers - 3rd, Grayson Webster - 7th
9/10 Boys - Sawyer Mathis - 5th

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