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Mask a state champion

By Michael Butler

The Tallassee Tiger Sharks swim team had 41 competitors at the state championship meet in Albertville and returned with a state champion. Camden Mask was the winner of the boys 13-14/50-yard breaststroke.

"It felt unreal," Mask said of his first state title. "Coach Donna (Funderburk) pushes us and wants us to win every race. She has coached me for eight years now and has always believed I could do it."

Mask was also third in the boys 13-14/50-yard butterfly. His aspirations are for the recreational league success to transfer to his Tallassee High School swimming team where his father John is a coach.

"I want to win a high school state championship in breaststroke and help my other teammates win a team championship."

Tallassee's Crockett Moyers just missed another state championship in the boys 9-10/50-yard butterfly. Moyers was second. He won the 8-and-under butterfly in 2019 and the 6-and-under freestyle in 2017.

The Tigers Sharks were 14th overall among 25 teams.

*Camden Mask Championship Video

Individual Results
Boys 8&U - 25-yard Breast Stroke: Weston Lucas (9th)
Girls 8&U - 25-yard Breast Stroke: Abigail Zinn (6th )
Girls 11-12 - 50-yard Breast Stroke: Harmony Moyers (6th)
Boys 13-14 - 50-yard Breast Stroke: Camden Mask (1st), Donavan Aldridge (13th)
Girls 13-14 - 50-yard Breast Stroke: Valerie Johnson (12th)
Boys 15-18 - 50-yard Breast Stroke: Geoffrey Dark (19th), Corbin Grover (22nd)
Boys 6&U - 25-yard Freestyle: Zeke Rigsby (8th)
Girls 6&U - 25-yard Freestyle: Ava Ingram (9th)
Boys 9-10 - 50-yard Freestyle: Crockett Moyers (5th)
Boys 15-18 - 50-yard Freestyle: Canyon Moyers (14th)
Boys 13-14 - 100-yard Individual Medley: Camden Mask (6th)
Girls 13-14 - 100-yard Individual Medley: Hope Moyers (16th)
Girls 15-18 - 100-yard Individual Medley: Ivy Davis came (15th), Cassie Grover (22nd)
Boys 9-10 - 50-yard Butterfly: Crockett Moyers (2nd)
Girls 9-10 - 50-yard Butterfly: Elise Soehren (7th), Emma Soehren (11th)
Boys 13-14 - 50-yard Butterfly: Camden Mask (3rd), Donavan Aldridge (12th)
Girls 13-14 - 50-yard Butterfly: Hope Moyers (9th), Alta Bentley (21st), Valerie Johnson (25th)
Boys 15-18 - 50-yard Butterfly: Canyon Moyers (15th)
Girls 15 -18 - 50-yard Butterfly: Ivy Davis (11th)
Girls 7-8 - 25-yard Backstroke: Paige Hart (14th)
Girls 9-10 - 50-yard Backstroke: Elise Soehren (20th)
Boys 15-28 - 50-yard Backstroke: Canyon Moyers (18th)
Girls 15-18 - 50-yard Backstroke: Ivy Davis (8th)
Boys 9-10 - 100 yard Freestyle: Crockett Moyers (4th)
Boys 13-14 - 100 yard Freestyle: Aiden Morgan (12th), Ethan Soehren (14th)