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Warehouse space
Youth wrestlers have new home

By Michael Butler

Tallassee's youth wrestling program has been in limbo during the off-season. The state champion Mat Cats have been searching for a new training facility.

Head coach Brent Tennyson may have felt like a man without a country, but the issue is resolved. The team will now be headquartered at the Taylor Bonded Warehouse on Highway 229 in Tallassee.

"We are starting to move in," Tennyson noted.

The previous location was in East Tallassee at the former Stough Broom and Mop factory. The new space will accommodate more mats.

"I rearranged," property owner Trey Taylor said, whose property is also home to Strike Zones, a baseball/softball training facility. "We have about 15,000 square feet."

In addition to the change in venue, Tennyson said there will be another change. "We are changing our name," he said. It is not yet official, but Talisi Wrestling Club is a strong possibility. "We are excited about this new chapter in training champions."

Taylor's warehouse has roll up doors, which was convenient during the moving process.

"They drove in and unloaded the mats and bleachers in ten minutes," Taylor added.

Registration for the upcoming season will be on Sept. 11 from 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. at the new facility.

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