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Football in LaFayette Friday

By Michael Butler

Many Tallassee football fans will get their first look at the 2019 Tigers on Friday. The Tigers will take the field at LaFayette at 6 p.m.

"We're going to be real simple and vanilla in the spring," THS head football coach Mike Battles said. "We've got some guys that are new, but they've got some good seniors around them."

Battles has 75 players that will be in 9th - 12th grade next season, the most in his time since taking over in Tallassee in 2012.

"Coach Lucas and I got to be good friends a while back," said Battles. "We make each other better. We'll play two quarters or three quarters, wide open ones on ones. We'll get video and just let them get on the field. I don't care how mature or good an athlete you are because the first time you walk out there between those white lines on a Friday night, those eyes are big. We want them all to get in and get some reps. Then we'll reevaluate.

"The biggest thing for us coming out of spring that is kind of our goal every year is to make sure we have each person at the position where they can contribute to the team and they can have success. If we can do that, then it's been a successful spring."