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Freshmen Trophy
Photo by Joyce Williford

TYFL sophs win crown, Rebels take two titles

By Michael Butler

The Tallassee Youth Football League sophomores capped a perfect season with a 25-20 win over Macon County at the East Alabama Youth Football League championships in Alex City on Saturday. The young Tigers, coached by Brent Milner, went 8-0 this season.

"I'm proud of them," Milner said. "It's not only a great group of kids but great parents. It's always good to coach when you have parents that cooperate with the coaching scheme and getting the kids to practice and games on time."

Milner fielded 27 kids in the seven- and eight-year-old age group.

"I think we got a majority of the kids in. That's something I didn't expect to happen at the beginning of the season, one to be in the championship game and get as many kids as we did in (the game)."

The Tallassee seniors (11/12) were seconds away from a championship too. Macon County scored with 28.5 seconds left to win 14-7 and end the undefeated season for the Tigers coached by Kerry Cole.

Sophomore League Champs
Submitted by Brent Milner

Reeltown won two titles, both over Macon County, 7-6 in the freshmen division and 14-0 in the junior age group. Chad Ledbetter coaches the freshmen. Larry Foy is the head coach of the juniors.

Ryan Montgomery is an assistant with the five- and six-year-old Rebels. "I am so proud of them," Montgomery said. "Macon County has run over every team they played but these kids came out and caught them by surprise. They weren’t intimidated."

Montgomery said since Macon County was the common opponent for the Tigers and Rebels, that they cheered together. "We shared the visiting side and cheered each other on until we were all blue and purple in the face."

In the cheer competition, the Tallassee freshmen won first place. Tuskegee took the sophomore and juniors titles. Reeltown was the senior champion.

Freshmen Championship

Reeltown 7
Macon County 6

Sophomores Championship

Tallassee 25
Macon County 20

Juniors Championship

Reeltown 14
Macon County 0

Seniors Championship

Macon County 14
Tallassee 7

Freshmen Cheerleading Competition

1st - Tallassee
2nd - Tuskegee
3rd - Reeltown

Sophomores Cheerleading Competition

1st - Tuskegee
2nd - Dadeville
3rd - Macon County

Juniors Cheerleading Competition

1st - Tuskegee
2nd - Dadeville
3rd - Tallassee

Seniors Cheerleading Competition

1st - Reeltown
2nd - Macon County
3rd - Tallassee

Freshmen Cheer Champions
Photo by Megan Smith

Photos by Megan Smith
Photos by Joyce Williford

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