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Introducing the battle towel

By Michael Butler

There are certain things that identify a fan base. Mississippi State has the cowbell. Tallassee now has the battle towel.

Tiger Nation, which produces content surrounding Tallassee Tiger sports, came up with the concept.

"We thought, what could we do to bring something tradition-wise to the table. We show up to the games, but what are we really doing out there," said Tiger Nation's Courtney Thornton. "We came up with the battle towel. That's going to be someting we have at all the sporting events, not just football season."

The first battle towel went to THS head football coach and athletic director Mike Battles.

"It's wonderful," said Battles. "When it was first mentioned, the thing that came to mind was Pittsburgj Steelers 'terrible towel' and how they used to give out 50,000. Anything that gets those kids excited, that's important. It's very welcomed and appreciated."

Towels be thrown out at future pep rallies and games. For more information on how to get yours, go to: or message them on Facebook.

"We want it to be known that when you see the towels come in, we're ready to support," Thornton added. "They're here to wave and show that we're behind them."