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The Tauntons

Taunton enters council race


My name is Jeremy Taunton. I am a candidate running for City Council Ward 1. I am a child of the City of Tallassee and I love this city very much. I have been married to Amber (Mayfield) Taunton for 15 years and we have 2 beautiful children Kennedy 13 and Konner 9. My wife and I are lifelong citizens of Tallassee. I graduated from Tallassee in 1996 and in 1998 joined the Tallassee Police Department. I worked with many wonderful people at the police department and still consider those that are still there to be my friends. The greatest memories I have of my law enforcement career was helping those in need and getting to know so many of our wonderful citizens. I ended my 8 year stay with Tallassee Police as a Supervisor and received several awards from the city for my work. In late 1998 I began a part time job with a great family owned business known as Tallassee True Value. I remain a family member at Tallassee True Value and consider myself a fortunate servant of the hundreds of local citizens and loyal customers whom I serve.

I will be the person who will represent your voice, the person who will act only in the best interest of the citizens of Tallassee and our bright future. I think our focus should start with our youth. They are the future of our city. We need to unite as a city to come up with a plan to build a sportsplex for all ages to enjoy, which in turn will bring prosperity, economic growth, and invite new families to live in our great community. I would like to further say, how wonderful it would be for those students that leave after high school to come back to Tallassee to live and raise their family.

I think that we should make infrastructure a priority. Those city services that is not currently available to all citizens, such as sewage should be made available to them.

We need to continue to focus on healthy economic growth. We need to look at industrial growth, where this invites more jobs, more retail sales, new home construction and the increase of population within Tallassee.

I want to be your voice that represents Ward 1 residents. I'm not a Politian; I'm a citizen just like you that wants to make Tallassee great again. I'm thankful for the past but I'm looking towards our future.

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