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Nolin discusses COVID numbers

By Michael Butler

Tallassee City Schools is monitoring positive coronavirus cases. Superintendent Dr. Brock Nolin gets numbers on a daily basis.

"Our nurses keep a spreadsheet," Nolin said. "We track both symptomatic cases and confirmed positives. I do a five-day average."

Last week, Nolin said the school was at 3 percent averaging four to five positives per day.

"We've got around 1,875 staff and students. We do track it. I don't really have a metric. Some systems say when they hit a 20 percent positivity rate, they'll shut down for ten days. I do see more and more schools shutting down. We may get there. I don't know."

Nolin gets updates everyday for superintendents from the Alabama Department of Education. When those shutdowns occur, the systems affected do cleaning and separation of students.

"Before January, we didn't have the (vaccine). Community Hospital was good enough to make it available for all of our staff. Now we're talking about the booster. The vaccine is an option. It's a personal choice. I've had the vaccine."

Nolin said to please let school personnel know if your child is experiencing symptoms.