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Updated landscaping at THS

School back in session

By Michael Butler

Tallassee City Schools welcomed back the student body on Tuesday, Aug. 8. Teachers returned last week.

There are several new faces according to superintendent Wade Shipman.

"We have about 15 new faculty and I think over 20 with new staff included," he said. "It's almost ten percent of our workforce. Five or six have been late hires. It's a snowball effect. Someone gets hired somewhere else. It opens up another job."

A new addition to the elementary school will be the Pre-K program. 18 students are enrolled for the 2017-18 school year.

Tallassee Elementary School

"We had over 50 kids that wanted to get in it," said Shipman. "It was kind of like draft day at TES. If it goes well, we're going to look at an additional class."

The new Career Center is in place as well.

"The real emphasis is on dual enrollment. Our kids are getting college credit. Trenholm is going to offer classes. We were doing it last year. The real benefit with the facility is the equipment for students that will be taking machining technology."

Shipman likes having the opportunity to start anew.

"As I reflect on being in the classroom, one of the great things about being a teacher is being able to press the reset button. Over the summer you get a chance to regroup. Every year is a new start. I've always enjoyed the beginning of a school year. I think everyone is upbeat and ready to start."

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