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Fine Arts Building sketch by McKee & Associates

Safety main focus

By Michael Butler

As plans move forward on the future of the Tallassee High School campus, superintendent Wade Shipman discussed the top priority - safety.

"One of the concerns is safety and security, especially the main building," Shipman said. "We have done a number of things. You can see the fence at the high school between the main buildings to keep easy access down a little bit. We've also put in remote access doors that require card swipes. We've limited the access points onto our campus."

Some of those concerns brought on the interest by mayor Johnny Hammock and the Tallassee City Council for a new school.

"We want to know we've done everything we can to make our school safer," Shipman pointed out. "I feel like we have. When I came here, our fire alarms were not directly connected to the fire department. We have those directly monitored now. We've added a security system on all three of our campuses. We've added the buzz in system. We've done several things that do improve the safety and security.

"I think some of the design and ideas that we talk about with our campus are going to help with that as well. One of things we've talked about is the design of the parking and some fencing along our parking lots. There are several things in place."

Rendering by McKee & Associates

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