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What's next for Patton Plaza?

By Michael Butler

What was once the center of much of Tallassee's commerce is now an empty shell. Such is the case when businesses relocate, especially Walmart.

With the addition of Walmart's new Supercenter further up Highway 14, its old site at Patton Plaza Shopping Center is vacant. Shortly after the company's departure, the Winn Dixie closed its doors. The property is on the market.

"We've had some calls. We've had some people show some interest," Tallassee Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Michone Roye stated. "Nothing to my knowledge has been locked in."

Roye forwards interested parties in the shopping center to a managing company in Montgomery.

"Usually they'll be calling representing a business and they want to know who to contact. Some of the inquiries have been about purchasing."

As for the type of businesses placing those calls, it is discrete quite often.

"Usually they're tightlipped, said Roye. "It's, 'I represent a retailer.' They don't usually let me know who they are."

Roye added that she has fielded three or four calls regarding the location.

"I spoke with the management company and they say they've had a quite a bit of interest, but I don't know to what extent."

Getting a retail tenant in this particular space is "imperative" in Roye's eyes. "I know we need to see these places filled. You have to keep pushing and striving to bring businesses into the community."

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