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Missoula Children's Theatre will be back in Tallassee this season

MCAC season slate taking shape

By Michael Butler

2018 marks the 55th year of the McCraney-Cottle Arts Council. Established in 1963, MCAC has become an institution for the arts in Tallassee.

New executive director Jerry Cunningham is putting the pieces together for the 2018-19 season and coming off an impressive first production at the Mount Vernon Theatre. The "Homecoming" concert was a smashing success.

"It really went well," he said. "Some people said, 'You really hit that one out of the park.' We had a full house. People said, 'We wish you'd do that once a quarter.' It was a nice event. The people who were part of it, enjoyed it. It something we plan on making an annual event."

McCraney-Cottle Arts underwrote the event and will have another musical production in September.

"We have a parade of praise bands coming, Sept. 23," said Cunningham. "We have six different churches represented. It'll be a Sunday afternoon at 2:00 at the Mount Vernon Theatre."

Missoula Children's Theatre in Tallassee

After a year absence, Missoula Children's Theatre will return this season in January.

"(It's) always a big thing. It'll be at the high school."

Missoula has been a long running tradition in Tallassee featuring grade school students with a week of rehearsals prior to the stage performance.

"The whole idea of doing these things is getting people involved. If you get people around the community involved, you're going to have a lot better participation and attendance."

Cunningham is working on future programs to fill out the new season and will have more information in the coming months.

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