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Hill seeks reelection


Sitting on her back porch four years ago, Sarah Hill pondered a city council run: “There is so much potential here. It just needs to be harnessed and guided. We need to grow but more importantly, we need to be strategic about that growth. I want to be a part of that. I want to help guide that.”

Four years later, she has been an unequivocal part of that growth, as revitalization is happening all throughout the city, but more importantly in Ward 2. 

Is she done though?  Not yet. 

Hill is running for a second term representing the constituents of Tallassee’s Ward 2. 

In her first term, Hill has advocated for her ward by working to address many infrastructure problems:

 - $383,000 Tallaweka Water Tank Project
 - $300,000-plus invested in the Whatley Drive Drainage Project
 - $1.1 million INI Groundwater Infiltration Project in Emfinger Subdivision

But the conversation should extend beyond her ward to see what she’s helped accomplish for the city at large:

 - Sales of properties (Seven Gables, the Patterson Building, The Guesthouse) to private investors with the goal of respecting the town’s past but looking for new opportunities to bring in new business and tourism dollars.
- Almost $5 million received in grants that have been used to improve the city’s infrastructure. 
- Realignment of the tax base to help offset costs for infrastructure projects.

That’s in the past though. To be effective in government, a representative must be forward-thinking and that’s where Hill is ready to get back to work:

- Continuing to improve and research opportunities for further economic development
- Continuing to improve the town’s infrastructure
- Working with the administration and personnel to work for the betterment of all citizens 

“This administration has had to make some very tough choices,” Hill said, “but we are now able to address many of the infrastructure problems that a city our age has. We are committed to finding a balance that will continue to serve the residents but at the same time looking for opportunities to attract new ones.”
Hill is the daughter of Lt. Col. Gary C. Morgan and currently serves as a consultant for the National Down Syndrome Congress. 

Prior to that, she served as the Administrator of Continuing Education Programs at Auburn University’s Harrison School of Pharmacy and is the former Assistant Director of Leadership Development at the Alabama Association of School Boards. 

She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science and Business Administration, and a Master’s of Science Degree in Management and Organizational Leadership from Troy University.

Her training in board development, strategic planning, communication and team-building has been an asset to the city council and will continue to be. 

Hill’s husband, Jake, is a volunteer firefighter with the Tallassee Fire Department and is a professional firefighter for the Department of Defense. She has two daughters; Meredith is a Class of 2020 graduate from Tallassee High School and Cadence will be an eighth-grader at Southside Middle School.