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Gas tax hike to be added

Staff Report

The City of Tallassee is increasing its petroleum gas tax from two cents to four cents per gallon at local pumps. The tax will apply to all businesses delivering or selling gasoline within the city limits and police jurisdiction.

The additional revenue will be applied to public works and infrastructure in the city.

Montgomery is at four cents. Prattville's at four cents. Millbrook's at four cents. Shorter's at five cents," mayor Johnny Hammock said. "It's not just going into the general fund. It will be earmarked."

David Stough was the dissenting vote in a 6-1 passage of the tax.

"If you got 15 gallons of gas, you were paying 30 cents to the city," Hammock added.

The two cents is drawing about $60,000 per year. The assumption is that those numbers should double if gas sales at local stations remains on the level.

"We have potholes, sidewalk repairs, drainage problems, and I've got the Public Service Commission breathing down my neck about the cast iron gas lines under the ground," Hammock added. "We've got to start making some headway."

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