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Jones at the Tallassee Chamber of Christmas Parade earlier this month

Fire safety during the holidays

By Michael Butler

The danger of fire is heightened in winter months. Fire calls increase.

Tallassee Fire Department Chief Eric Jones urges homeowners to be responsible to avoid issues.

"Unfortunately this is our time of season when structure fires pick up around the city," Jones said. "I just wanted to bring up some facts and things to do to prevent a tragedy from happening this time of year especially the holidays."

Jones discouraged the use of thin extension cords.

"I call them Walmart cords. It's the old brown ones. They're not good. They get overheated. Some people want to plug an electric heater in them."

Jones also promotes sleeping with bedroom doors closed.

"There's a website, "Close Before You Doze," that shows you that you can survive a house fire. It cuts off the flow path of the fire."

The TFD is also offering free smoke detectors and installation for those who need them.

"Change your smoke detector batteries when the time changes. Call the station at 283-5660. We'll install them. Each bedroom needs to have a working smoke detector in it."