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Close up of the flame that rekindled on Monday
Submitted by Keith Clayton

Thurlow fire not serious

Staff Report

A Monday blaze at the base of Thurlow Dam was no cause for alarm, according to Tallassee Fire Department Chief Travis Jones.
"The driftwood is very dry wood," Jones said. "What started it I don't know. It could have been some type of spark. It wouldn't take much of any kind of heat source to get that going."

Jones recalled the same type of fire near the Alabama Power Company plant on the Tallapoosa River.

"About seven or eight years ago, we had the same fire," he added. "The guys were doing some type of welding and spark got on it. How it happened this time I'm not sure."

Jones was not too concerned of danger.

"There's not much there to burn. It's all concrete and brick."

The Tallassee Fire Department did put its fire boat in service for the call.

"We have a set of floating pumps. We ran a hose off the barge and over the rail to get water down on it," Jones noted."It's probably going to smell like a barbeque grill for about a week in town."

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