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Principal could be named next week

By Michael Butler

Tallassee Elementary School's vacancy for principal could be filled soon. Superintendent Wade Shipman said as of Tuesday that 33 applicants had filed for the opening.

Jose Reyes accepted the superintendent's position at Scottsboro after three and half years in Tallassee.

"I'd like to thank Dr. Reyes for his time here," Shipman said. "He did an outstanding job and we'll certainly miss him."

Shipman said that although the void was left within the school year, the job will not be on an interim basis.

"In Alabama we operate under a contract principal law," he said. "Whoever is hired is on a probationary contract based on the amount of experience they bring to the job. After that, they typically get rolled over by law to a three-year contract. If they do a good job, they get rolled over every three years. I had some people ask about doing an interim. For the most part, a probationary contract is an interim contract."

Shipman said a number of experienced principals have already applied. The deadline for applicants is Wednesday, Sept. 6.

"If we don't get the quality of applicants that we want, we can look at hiring someone who is less permanent. Certainly, we're going to do what we think is best for Tallassee Elementary School."

And, how soon might the principal be named?

"That could be as early as next week," Shipman noted. "If everything falls into place, I'd like to do that."

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