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Hammock wins, no runoff in 2020

By Michael Butler

The Tallassee Municipal Election is over and there will not be a runoff. Tallassee mayor Johnny Hammock has secured a second term.

Hammock was in one of two races with a potential runoff, but carried 52 percent with 612 of 1,171 votes to defeat Danny Ingram (350/30%) and John Stonaker (209/18%).

Ward 3 councilman Damian Carr defeated Jahazel Hooks and Willie Smith to maintain his seat and avoid a runoff. Carr received 54 percent of the vote with 79 votes to Hooks' 47 votes (32%) and Smith's 20 votes (14%).

All of the other races had only two candidates each. There were 24 people in contention for municipal spots. This is the first mayoral election since 2008 without a runoff. Hammock was somewhat surprised.

Citizens show their support of Tallassee's mayoral candidates in East Tallassee on Tuesday.
Photo by Charles Webster

"I thought there would be a runoff with three," said Hammock. "Mathematically it's hard to get that 50 percent."

There were two city councilmen who were unseated. Ward 4 councilman Darrell Wilson was beaten by Bill Hall in a rematch from eight years ago when Wilson advanced to a runoff with Hall on the ticket and then beat Tim Gates. On Tuesday, Hall received 116 votes (66%) to Wilson's 59 (34%).

David Stough in Ward 7 was defeated by Randall Hughey, who made a bid for mayor in 2012. Hughey received 113 votes (54%) to Stough's 96 (46%).

Both Stough and Wilson will complete their second terms on the council in November.

Current council members Jeremy Taunton (Ward 1), Sarah Hill (Ward 2) and Bill Godwin (Ward 6) won their races. Taunton took 70 percent of the vote against Tommy Gresham (85-37). Hill won a rematch from 2016 with Matthew Miller with 58 percent of the vote count (110-81). Godwin got 59 percent of the vote in topping Michael Stough (126-88).

There were four Tallassee Board of Education races. Ward 2 representative Don Bryant beat Alisha Miller with 73 percent of votes cast (140-51). Ward 4 board member Ruthanne McCaig got 52 percent of the vote against Jeff Branch (90-83). Rex Ledbetter lost his seat by three votes to Melanie Goodman 51 percent to 49 percent (58-55).

Sandra Patterson did not seek re-election in Ward 6. Heather Miller won that board seat with 52 percent vs. Andy Coker (111-103).

"It was a very hard-fought election," Hammock said. "I'm overwhelmed. My anxiety level has been at an all-time high. I put it in God's hands. I was at peace. I want to say congratulations to all that were elected. The people that didn't win, hold your head up high. You don't have to be an elected official to be a part of this community. Get involved.

"I hope that all this nasty stuff on social media doesn't deter people in the future. We have to have good civic leadership to move forward."

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