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Cleaning up the Emfinger property in Jordanville

Cleaning up the town

By Michael Butler

Several building are coming down in Tallassee and more are on the chopping block. In Jordanville, the Emfinger Building, formerly Lloyd's Distributing Company and Old South Vending has been bulldozed. Houses that are in disrepair are also being demolished.

"Councilman Damain Carr played a part with Andy (Coker) and I working with the Emfinger family," mayor Johhny Hammock said. "It's looking good."

The Emfinger family business had been vacnt for several years on Jordan Avenue. It opened during the Great Depression in the early 1930s.

"A lot of people say you need to clean this town up. The last time I checked the city doesn't own any of these houses. We can only do a little bit at a time. It's a lot of paperwork. You can't just roll up with a bulldozer and take people's personal property down. There are steps you have to take. All that costs money."

Among the houses that have be razed include properties at 510 McKenzie Street, 1212 Gilmer Avenue and the Emfinger Building in Jordanville. Future properties on the demolition list include: 318 First Avenue, 1717 North Ann Avenue and 1719 North Ann Avenue.

"It's a long process and takes months," Hammock added. "It's not as easy people think. It's hard in the age of Social Media. People always tell me you need to get thick skin. I got it. You take it everyday. I know in the past I've flown off the handle, but I'm still human."

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