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Council approves new taxes

By Michael Butler

The Tallassee City Council has passed two new taxes that will go toward infrastructure and school improvements.

At the April 10 meeting, the council and mayor approved a five mill ad valorem tax and a one cent sales tax for the Elmore County portion of Tallassee. The sales tax will take effect in June. Ad valorem taxes will be accessed in October.

"What this ordinance will do is equalize both sides of the river," city attorney John Smith said of the sales tax.

Tallapoosa County is already at 10 cents per dollar. An additional penny on the Elmore County side will bring it to 10 cents.

"Five of that ten in Elmore County yields to the city. Four of that ten in Tallapoosa County goes to the city," said Smith.

The additional sales tax portion will bring approximately $700,000 - $750,000 more to the city's coffers annually. That portion will be distributed equally between the Tallassee City School system and the City of Tallassee.

The five mill ad valorem tax will net another $250,000 - $260,000 per year.

The sales tax vote passed with councilman David Stough dissenting. Stough also voted against the ad valorem tax along with councilman Darrell Wilson. Mayor Johnny Hammock voted in favor of each tax along with the remaining council members.

"Why should I vote? So it's on the record that I'm for it," Hammock said.

After the vote passed, a member of the audience uttered, "Y'all suck" at the council. After the remark Hammock replied, "Let the record reflect Frank Copeland said we all suck."

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