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Council Square

By Terrel Brown (Ward Five Councilman)

Dec. 11, 2017

Item 1: The City Council passed a resolution authorizing an agreement with Central Alabama Regional and Planning Development Commission (CARPDC) to provide administration and planning services for the Rural Business Development Grant(RBDG) for a Comprehensive Plan. CARPDC duties will include (but not limited to) establishing and maintaining project files to properly document all project activities and to satisfy the requirements of USDA. CARPDC will also prepare all administrative reports and monitor the progress of the USDA Comprehensive Planning Project and report to the City on a quarterly or as needed basis. Because of CARPDC efforts, the City of Tallassee received a $50,000 USDA Grant to do a Comprehensive Study for our City. CARPDC also provided the $20,000 matching grant fee which was required to get the grant. The City of Tallassee paid zero dollars in this process.

Item 2: The City Council approved the new Friendship Water Contract. The Friendship Water Authority agrees to pay the City of Tallassee during the calendar year of 2018, $1.54/gallon; during the calendar year 2019, $1.64/gallon; and during the calendar year 2020 and for any year thereafter, $1.74/gallon. Such actions were taken to prevent the $300.00 monthly loss the City of Tallassee is experiencing from the current Friendship/City of Tallassee water purchase contract.

Item 3: The Tallassee City Council declared contents of Seven Gables property surplus.  

Item 4:  Mayor’s Reports

Mayor Hammock announced the Annual Christmas Dinner at the Tallassee Senior Center December 14, 2017 6pm- 8pm.

Mayor Hammock announced the Wall Street Senior Citizen’s Annual Christmas Party to be held on Tuesday, December 19, 2017 at 6pm at Wall Street Community Center.

Mayor Hammock reassured the Council he would look at the cost of placing “rumble strips” in the street of neighborhoods where there is excessive speeding.

Item 5: Council Reports

Councilman Wilson made a motion to provide $2400 to repair the damage conditions at the Tallassee Community Library.

Councilman Stough thanked the City Council members, Mayor, and local businesses for making the Annual Tallassee City Employees Christmas Breakfast a success. Councilman Stough raised over $2000 worth of donations and gifts, which were given to the City employees.

Item 6: Adjourn

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