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Council Square

By Terrel Brown (Ward Five Councilman)

Monday, May 8, 2017

Item 1: The City Council approved resolution approving the Municipal Water Pollution Prevention (MWPP) report required by ADEM.

Item 2: The City Council introduce an ordinance to amend Ordinance #112 to increase the gasoline tax. Every distributor or seller who is engaged in the business of selling or delivering gasoline within the city limits and police jurisdiction will pay the license tax to the City. The City passed a resolution to earmark the money raised for public works and infrastructure.

Item 3: The City Council discussed the Airport Farmland.

Item 4: The City Council discussed rules and regulations for the use of Bell Park, Veterans Park, and Downtown Park.

Item 5: The City Council approved to surplus an outdated City CASE Tractor.

Item 6: The City Council allocated the $17,765 received as a refund from the State of Alabama.  The City Council assigned $4000 to the Street Department for the purchase of a street stripe machine. The rest of the refund will be used to help pay off the loans for the new police cars.

Item 7: The City Council approved the purchase of truck for the Street Department.

Item 8: The City Council approved the cancellation of the May 22, 20017 City Council meeting.

Item 9: Mayor’s Reports

* Mayor Hammock announced he is in discussion with a landowner about the City purchasing land to expand the Rose Hill Cemetery.

* Mayor Hammock announced there will be an appraisal of the Guest House and Seven Gable this week.

Item 10: Council Reports

* Councilwoman Sarah Hill reminded the public about the rules of holding yard sales within the City limits. City ordinance states property owners can hold yard sales three times a year.

* Councilman Darrell Wilson announced he and his constituents would love to see progress on getting a new swimming pool.

* Councilman David Stough announced the Rec Board meeting will be held May 09, 2017 5:30pm at City hall conference room.

Item 11: Adjourned

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