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Baby Miss
Charleigh Noles,  Prettiest Hair, Creslynn Geer, Prettiest Eyes,  Caroline Burton, Me and My Passion,  Baby Miss Trinitee Roberts,  Peyton Taite, 2nd alternate, Photogenic, and Viewers Choice. and Kay’Lee Piner. 1st alternate

Teeny Miss
Brylee Clark,1st alternate and Prettiest Smile, Teeny Miss Issabell Mooney, who also won Viewers’ Choice and Prettiest Eyes, and Gabriella Holmes, 2nd alternate

Darling Miss
Andi McClellan, 2nd alternate,  Darling Miss Kollins Coan who also won Viewers Choice,  Skyla Cavender, Prettiest Eyes, and Aubrianna nelson, 1st alternate, Prettiest Smile, Prettiest Hair, and Photogenic

Toddler Miss
Landry Musick, 4th alternate and Prettiest Eyes, Toddler Miss Riley Puckett, Maddie Ledbetter, Viewers Choice, Lyla Spiers, Me and My Passion, Kyleigh Burton, 3rd alternate, Prettiest Smile, Prettiest Hair, Photogenic, Hallyn Winfree, 1st alternate, (Not pictured):  Klarrisa Thomas, 2nd alternate

Angel Miss
Emma Betts, Prettiest Eyes, Marley Lowe, 1st alternate, Krimson Winslett, Viewers’ Choice, Prettiest Smile, Prettiest Hair, Photogenic, Lea Clark, 2nd alternate, and Angel Miss Kyleigh Alford

Tiny Miss
Brooklyn Fannin, Viewers’ Choice, Taylor Mathis, 1st alternate, Kenzlee Holt, 4th alternate, Riley Gray, Anyia Chappell, 3rd alternate, Tiny Miss Clara Johnson, who also won  Prettiest Hair and Photogenic, Sarah Sanders, 2nd alternate, Hadley Dobbs, Prettiest Eyes, and Amberlee Nummy

Mini Miss
Karlyn Clark, 2nd alternate and Prettiest Smile, Lauren Puckettt, 3rd alternate and Photogenic, McKenzie Faust, 1st alternate, Me and My  Passion, and Viewers' Choice, Kaytlin Fannin, 4th alternate and Prettiest Hair, and Saylor Ayers, Mini Miss and Prettiest Eyes

Little Miss
Ella Siggers, 1st alternate and Me and My Passion, Aleija Love, 2nd alternate and Prettiest Smile, Little Miss Addison Garnett, who also won Viewers' Choice, Prettiest Eyes, Prettiest Hair, and Photogenic, and Callie McKee, 4th alternate

Petite Miss
Isebela Mitchell, Prettiest Eyes and Photogenic, Anniston Winfree, 3rd alternate, Caylee Tillery, 1st alternate, Petite Miss Kameryn Mayton, who also won Prettiest Hait, McKenzie Goodwin, 2nd alternate, Emily Coan, 4th alternate, Prettiest Smile, and Sadie Strong, Me and Mr Passion

Junior Miss
Kira Chappell, Prettiest Smile, Keighly Peters, 1st alternate and Prettiest Eyes, Junior Miss McKenslee Gaither, Aviona Baker, 2nd alternate, Me and My Passion, Viewers’ Choice, and Photogenic, Addison Merritt, 3rd alternate and Prettiest Hair

Senior Miss
Kellie Whitlow, 1st alternate, Prettiest Smile, Prettiest Hair, Bella yoder, 3rd alternate and Viewers’ Choice, Senior Miss Chariot Ward, who also won Me and My Passion, Avery Gordon, 2nd alternate, Prettiest Eyes, and Photogenic

Elementary Miss
Bethany Clayton, Prettiest Eyes and Photogenic, McKinley Tubbs, 1st alternate and Prettiest Hair, Miss Valentine Christina Humphries, who also won Me and My Passion and  Viewers’ Choice, Alyssia Baird, 2nd alternate, Alexis Ledbetter, 3rd alternate and Prettiest Smile

Junior Miss
Hailey Cleveland, 3rd alternate, Prettiest Eyes, Photogenic, Prettiest Smile, Meg Ledbetter, 1st alternate, Junior Miss McKenzie Browning, who also won Prettiest Hair, and Bette Gibson, 2nd alternate

Senior Miss
Kattie Smith, 3rd alternate, Harley Newman, 1st alternate, Prettiest Smile, Prettiest Hair, and Viewers’ Choice, Senior Miss Bella Studdard, who also won Prettiest Eyes and Photogenic, and Mary Segrest, 2nd alternate

High School Miss
Marlee Knox, 2nd alternate, Prettiest Hair, and Viewers’ Choice, Miss Valentine Selena Jarvis, who also won Prettiest Eyes, Prettiest Smile, and Photogenic, and Madison Ledbetter, 1st alternate

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