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Baby Miss
Photogenic - Kayleigh Sanders; Me & my Passion- Emma Worely; Prettiest Eyes - Charlotte Priest; Prettiest Hair - Hazel Woodall; Prettiest Smile - Kyleigh Connel; Viewers Choice - Kyleigh Connell; 3rd Alt. – Harmoni Turner ; 2nd Alt.- Emma Worley; 1st Alt - Skyla Cavendar; Queen - Charlotte Priest
Baby Miss
Prettiest Hair - Hazel Woodall


Teeny Miss
Photogenic - Kendall Clark; Me and my passion - Kyleigh Burton; Prettiest eyes - Reagan Garner; P rettiest hair - Kyleigh Burton; Prettiest smile - Kendall Clark; Viewers choice - Maddie Ledbetter; 3rd alternate Regan Garner;
 Second alternate - Kyleigh Burton; First alternate - Maddie Ledbetter; Queen - Kendall Clark
Darling Miss
Photogenic Jaylynn Mann; Me and my passion - Krimson Winslett; Prettiest eyes - Krimson Winslett; Prettiest hair - Jaylynn Mann; Prettiest smile - Chloe Smith; Viewers Choice - Krimson Winslett; 3rd alternate - Chessnie Robbins’; Second alternate - Krimson Winslett; First alternate - Chloe Smith; Queen - Taylor Williams


Tiny Miss
Photogenic - Madelynn Hurt; Me and my passion - Addison Garnett; prettiest eyes Addison Garnett; Prettiest hair - Addison Garnett; Prettiest smile - Taylor Hoyle; Viewers choice - Addison Garnett; 3rd alternate - Taylor Hoyle; Second runner-up - Hannah Hurley;  First alternate - Kaytlin Fannin; Queen - Addison Garnett


Little Miss
Photogenic - Aviona Baker; Me and my passion - Brianna Butler; Prettiest eyes - Amelia Dillman; Prettiest hair - Autumn Holmes; Prettiest smile - Bailey Smith; Viewers choice - Aviona Baker; 3rd alternate - Briauna Butler; Second alternate - Aviona Baker; First alternate - Autumn Holmes; Queen - Kira Chappell


Toddler Miss
Photogenic - Leila Williams; Me and my passion - Baya Ray; Prettiest eyes - Alyssa Ledbetter; Prettiest hair - Leila Williams; Prettiest smile - Leila Williams; Viewers choice - Baya Ray; 3rd alternate - Baya Ray; Second alternate - Alyssa Ledbetter; First alternate - Leila Williams; Queen - Clara Johnson
Angel Miss
Photogenic - Charity Priest; Me and my passion - Bayleigh Mann; Prettiest eyes - Emmalynn Pargo; Prettiest hair - Tadom Ledbetter; Prettiest smile - Charity Priest; Viewers Choice - Tadom Ledbetter; Third alternate - Aniya Chappell; Second alternate - Sara Chapell; First alternate - Bayleigh Mann; Queen - Charity Priest


Mini Miss
Photogenic - Sarah Garner; Me and my passion - McKenzie Goodwin; Prettiest eyes - Caylee Tillery; Prettiest hair - Emily Coan; Prettiest smile - Emily Coan; Viewers choice - McKenzie Goodwin; 3rd alternate - McKenzie Goodwin; 2nd alternate - Sarah Garner; 1st alternate - Emily Coan; Queen - Daci Ledbetter
Petite Miss
Photogenic - Aubrey Paggett; Me and my passion - Chariot Ward; Prettiest eyes - Hannah Garner; Prettiest hair - Chariot Ward; Prettiest smile - Callie Newman; Viewers choice - Chariot Ward; 3rd alternate - Callie Newman; Second alternate - Hannah Garner; First alternate - Aubrey Paggett; Queen - Chariot Ward


Junior Miss
Photogenic - Christina Humphries; Me and my passion - Aly Phillips; Prettiest eyes - Aly Phillips; Prettiest hair - Claire Smith; Prettiest smile - Claire Smith; Viewers choice - Christina Humphries; 3rd alternate - Bethany Clayton;
 Second alternate - Christina Humphries; 1st alternate - Bella Hornsby; Queen - Claire Smith
Senior Miss
Photogenic - Hailey Cleveland; Me and my passion - Raylee Newman; Prettiest eyes - Hailey Cleveland; Prettiest hair - Hailey Cleveland; Prettiest smile - Hailey Cleveland; Viewers choice - Raylee Newman; 3rd alternate - NaKoya Riley; Second alternate - Katelynn Hurley; First alternate - Raylee Newman; Queen - Hailey Cleveland


Miss Valentine
Photogenic - Lacy Thompson; Prettiest eyes - Carley Railey; Prettiest hair- Carley Railey; Prettiest smile - Meg Ledbetter; Viewers - Choice Cameron Tubbs; 3rd alternate - Maggie Cannon; Second alternate - Lacey Thompson; 1st alternate - Meg Ledbetter; Queen - Carley Raiey

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